Labor Day Rant

I do not have a problem with people who are wanting to better their lives.  I understand it and do it daily myself.  My problem is that those who do it illegally are being rewarded, while those attempting to do it legally are being punished, delayed, etc.  But in this current generation that seems to be a running theme.

You want to sit on your lazy butt? The Government will hand you a check, food stamps, free medical, college, etc.

You want to work, try to get ahead and actually succeed?  The Government will take a bigger portion of your money, you have to pay full rates for the over inflated health insurance costs, and God help ya if you don’t qualify for a scholarship to that University that is going to give you “Safe Spaces”, Play Doh, puppies and an A for Anarchy and F for Patriotism.

You hear the talk about DACA being the Dreamers, what about American Citizen Dreamers? Why should they take a back seat for trying to do things the right way, while those who came to America, though no fault of their own (Though I am still curious how you prove you were here before you were 18 to qualify, and if your parents are immediately deported (which they should since they did come here by their own choice and breaking the law)) are given MORE privileges, chances, etc.

The talk is that 91% of those under the DACA program are either working or in school.   I have a simple solution.  For those going to school here, go back to your country of origin and apply for a student visa, just like those who did it the right way.  For those that are working, go back to your country of origin and apply for a work visa and get in  line with the rest of the people who are trying to do it the right way.  For the 9% who aren’t working, go back to your country of origin and best to you.

The problem with society today is that those who do it right and succeed get punished, and in some cases very harshly.  Those who do it wrong, break the law, are totally lazy, think they should be able to make a living wage on a high school entry level job flipping burgers, are the ones given the free ride, all the benefits, and tax breaks.  Do you realize that 45% of the tax paying age people in this country do not pay a single dime in net taxes?  I am still searching for the numbers, but I would imagine quite a large portion of that are likely getting paid to stay here.  Where does that money come from? Of course, the actual tax payers. The tax payers of America have basically been turned into the crack dealers for the Government and the lazy.  The problem with that is that the “Crack” is the money we work hard for.  The Government has ran up a $20 TRILLION debt basically robbing the people who put in the sacrifice, hard work, and took the risk to succeed.

So in Obama’s infinite wisdom, let’s give another million ILLEGAL aliens chances to work and take jobs away from American Citizens, or pay for their school, or I am guessing in the case of the alleged 9% not working, those welfare, food stamp, Medicaid benefits, again paid for by American Citizens.  What sense does that make?

“But we are America, we are a land built on Immigrants” another favorite argument of the left.  Guess they miss the fact it is a land built on LEGAL immigrants.  On hard work, sacrifice, taking risks, the will to succeed.  Social Security(FDR D) should have never been started, this country is not socialist, yet that was the first step. Then add Medicare(LBJ D), Medicaid(LBJ D), Welfare(FDR D), Food Stamps(FDR D) created by Dem’s to get more votes and therefore taking more tax payers off the tax rolls, and increasing those living off the system.

Right now the US Spends 25%(2017) of the budget on Social Security, 15.8%(2017) of the budget on Medicare, 13.3%(2017) on Medicaid, 9.8%(2017) for Welfare and  3%(2015) on Food Stamps.  Some quick math here, the Federal Budget for 2017 was $3.8 Trillion.  If you take these Socialist programs out of the picture, that would cut $2.54 TRILLION off the budget. That is almost 67% of the budget, JUST in Socialist programs.

Yes we pay into Social Security and Medicare, but why?  How many hundreds of thousands to millions get benefits they don’t really deserve? I say end it for anyone under the age of 50 and yes I am 47 so I know that would affect me, but I am fine with that.  We are NOT a socialist country, we need to END these socialist programs.  As long as people know they can live off the Government, what is the incentive to work?  What is the incentive to better yourself?  There are plenty of people on disability that their disability is they are lazy and don’t care.  Take the safety net away.  Everyone should pay the exact same rate for taxes no matter if they make $1 or $1 Billion, if you have no skin in the game, why would you even care what the government does with the money?

Ok Rant Over, Have a great labor day and remember, common sense is the only way to truly make dollars and cents!

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Trump’s Donation: The MSM Problem

Today during the daily Press Briefing at the White House a “Media” Member asked if Trump was personally helping with the flooding in Texas with his personal funds.  Yes he is donating $1 Million of his own money to the cause, and even wanted the media asked where they thought he should give it.  Now here is the problem.

During the floods in Louisiana last year, I never remember the press asking then President Obama if he was donating any of his personal money to the crisis.

During Superstorm Sandy, I never remember the press asking then President Obama if he was donating any of his personal money to the crisis.

During Hurricane Katrina I never once heard a member of the so called press asking if then President George W Bush was donating any of his personal money to the crisis.

During/After 9/11 I never once heard a member of the press asking then President George W Bush if he was donating any of his personal money to the crisis.

During the Northridge Earthquake in 1994 in Los Angeles, I never heard a member of the press ask then President Bill Clinton if he was donating any of his personal money to the crisis.

During Hurricane Andrew in 1992, I never heard any member of the press ask President George HW Bush, or Candidate Bill Clinton if either were donating any of their personal money to the crisis.

When Mount St Helens erupted in 1980, I never heard any member of the press ask then President Jimmy Carter or Candidate Ronald Reagan if they were donating any of their personal money to the crisis.

So where do they get off asking President Trump?  Yes President Trump is a billionaire and worth more than all those presidents combined, but what does that really matter?  Just because he is a billionaire he should give his money to every cause, but considering the others were just millionaires they were exempt?

All this does is show just how much that the media hates President Trump and is doing everything in their power to try to get a gotcha moment.  I can only imagine if Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that nothing had been decided at the moment the lead to every hour on CNN and MSNBC would have been that Trump did not really care about the people in Texas because he wasn’t spending his own money.

You realize it was Trump that sent the trucks of supplies to the people in Louisiana last year, not Obama.  During 9/11, it was Trump that donated his own money to the cause, not George W Bush.

This is no longer a Republican vs Democrat issue, this is an all out war. Establishment vs Trump.  Because there are times that even Republicans are looking for their own gotcha moments.  This is the reason that Trump cannot and should never give up his Twitter, Facebook, etc, it is the only way to get even a partially fair shake at getting his message out there.

Sure it may seem like a little thing and you may feel like I am only on a rant, but this is getting beyond silly in what the press is trying to do to try to destroy the President of the United States of America.  Acts like this make it even more obvious by the day, had it not been before.  It is all in the details, and so called polls.  I have a bit over 2,200 followers on Twitter and follow a bit over 700, and NO one I have seen on my timeline has turned on President Trump, or said they would not vote for him in 2020.  So while I should say I am curious how they come up with these so called poll numbers, I just go back to this election, and even Brexit, when the press swore up and down the polls gave Trump and Brexit no chance.  How did that work out for them?

This has to stop, we have to come together, this so called press has to realize they are causing the division in this country, which I honestly believe at this point is their goal.  They want the next civil war.  There is no proof of anything that could impeach Trump, and god knows they have tried to find some, or make it up.  They know their goal right now is to try to continue to drive the narrative that Trump is failing, when just the opposite is happening, especially considering that Congress has been such a failure.

I get it, Trump is not one of them, and that is why we voted for him, they have been problem and yes, I am talking about the Press and the Congress (both parties).  Our only chance at this point is to have a major turnover in Congress in 2018 and again in 2020.  It is time for more outsiders to take over and beat the insiders.  The insiders don’t care about us, that is perfectly clear.

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The Main Stream Instigators aka Media

Who is really at fault for Charlottesville?  How about Berkeley? Ferguson? Baltimore? and the list goes on….

Is it that President Trump is so hateful he brings out the very worst in people to come out and destroy private property and have his supporters and the police attacked? Nah not even a 3rd grader would be stupid enough to lash out like that.

Is it the Democrats and their “Resist” movement that George Soros has funded to bring out all these so called protesters, which is basically code for anarchists, who while I can’t prove it, I think they get bonuses for the damage they cause?

No, let’s look at the real cause of all this trouble.  The Main Stream Instigators aka Media.  You have a 24/7 news cycle now with the internet, as well as with CNN, MSNBC and even FOX, where they cover everything they want, LIVE!  One thing you always notice at these riots these days is cameras everywhere, both in the “Press” as well as camera phones broadcasting live.  Everyone sees Reality TV and want to do their own version of it.  The liberal governments in these cities aren’t going to do anything to stop it, because like in Baltimore, the police are told to stand down.  So you have an absolutely lawless situation. The networks run what they want to run to try to drive their narrative. Plus they know it will draw ratings, and unlike reality shows on TV, the production costs of sending a cameraman and reporter to the scene is a lot less than an actual TV production of a reality show.

The KKK has been marching for 100+ years, and yes they still marched during both Republican and Democrat Presidents (yes even during Obama), and David Duke has held rallies for decades.  Shame is, networks only pull him up when they want him as part of their narrative.  Otherwise they are a serious minority of the American Population, and while giving them no press would not make them go away, it would not help them grow like the coverage this last week has likely done.  They are a hate group, why are you giving them so much air time on TV? Oh yeah, Ratings and you can use it to try to make President Trump look bad.

Anarchists have been around for decades as well, now they call themselves Antifa, but it is the same concept, “We could care less about the law, and will do what we want, because we could care less about the laws of this country. Do it our way or we riot.” Again for decades they marched, but not to the extent they have the last 5 years or so, as they got full coverage of their riots that they call demonstrations, and the group has grown in size because people see that they can do it and nothing will happen to them.  Obama gave them a free pass, and so far the liberal governments in the cities they are destroying are just letting them go, and cleaning up the mess (with taxpayer dollars) after it is over.

You have the media quick to get on the air with all the facts as they want to report it, and not with the full facts of what actually happened.  It is a matter of who is first, not who is right.  They have been running the Russia conspiracy for a year, and yet still have no proof of nothing.  But they still report it like it is real.  Now you have the press with the help of both the DNC and Democrats Senators and Representatives glad to come on the air and help push the narrative that President Trump is a racist.  My question is have they actually been paying attention?  I watched both speeches and the press conference, and I lost track of how many times that President Trump condemned the KKK and Neo-Nazis, but the MSI does everything they can to soundbite it to death.  Of course you also have the RINOs coming out in force as well condemning President Trump, a couple ran against him in 2016 and lost, McCain ran in 2008 and lost, Romney ran in 2012 and lost, and I believe there is a lot of bitterness there.  Plus I am getting more and more confident everyday that the so called Republicans are in bed with the Democrats to take care of themselves, and could care less about the American People.  I am sure there are some exceptions, but it is becoming more the rule.

But back to the point of all this.  If someone shut down CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all the 24/7 news channels, would people really miss them?  Would the trouble start to die down because it wouldn’t be given 24/7 coverage to give these movements their 15 minutes of fame?  Even ISIS is getting a free ride and free publicity because it is covered 24/7.  Now I am not saying don’t report what is going on, but stop glamorizing it.  I do not need to hear from 50 so called experts on a single topic.  Report the news, and move on.  Let me make my own opinion, and don’t try to drive your narrative in either direction.  We have talk radio and twitter for editorials. The problem is today all so called news coverage is anymore is opinion. Stop giving these thug groups live coverage. Only one that may need to do that is the local news in the area if things get bad, but honestly I think if you cut the 15 minutes of fame coverage, a lot of these riots, demonstrations, fights, and even police shootings would start to go down.

If you really want to give something coverage to make a change, how about actually focusing on all the violence in Chicago? Over 400 people have already been killed this year in Chicago, and that is more than we have lost in the military in conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen combined and by a large margin.  This isn’t about statues, riots, Antifa, KKK, Neo-Nazis, Black Lives Matter, this is about the NEWS.

Report it, stop trying to define it!

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Democrats Trying To Start New Civil War?

In 1860 in reaction to the election of Abraham Lincoln, the Democrats in South Carolina got together and drafted the secession documents. They wanted to get out of the union to protect slavery that Abraham Lincoln promised to end.  So because they were mad that they lost an election they decided to try to take over the Government by force.  As we know how history went, they lost.  In that process the Republicans got an even larger share of the Senate and House due to so many Democrats standing down with the confederacy.  Here is what the Republicans were able to pass.


Now let’s look at what the current Democrats are doing now that Donald Trump won the Presidency.  First off I have lost track of how many Democrats are trying to Impeach President Trump.  It is becoming like static on a bad AM radio station (yes they still have those).  You have the Democrats who refuse to condemn Black Lives Matter and Antifa through all their destruction and hate.  Yes a Nazi killed a person in Charlottesville Saturday, but that does not excuse how all the damage caused by Antifa and BLM in cities like Milwaukee, San Jose, Anaheim, Berkeley, Charlotte, Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.  Now you have Antifa, Communists, etc pulling down statues, destroying public and private property and yet no condemnation by anyone.  It is almost like the Democrats are supporting the anarchists to get back control of the country.  To kick up so much chaos that, while maybe not an official secession, is an unoffical secession.

The Democrats have always been about identity politics, President Lyndon Johnson only signed the Civil Rights Law to make sure that the African Americans voted Democrat, as he allegedly put it “I’ll have those N****** voting Democrat for the next 200 years.  When is the last a Democrat has not played identity politics? John Kennedy maybe, but honestly with a lot of his policies and beliefs if they were in place today he would likely be considered a Republican and be getting blasted by the press.

They are trying to cause such a division in the country to bring another war amongst ourselves.  Do you think maybe ISIS is leaving us alone in our country, because with all the leeway and credibility given to groups like Antifa and BLM, they don’t need to bother destroying us, because we are doing an amazing job destroying ourselves? An ISIS attack now would only screw things up because it may bring us back together, similar to 9/11 did.  Of course in this current environment, I don’t even think an attack like that could do it because at that point it would only be finger pointing going on.

Just as what started during the Obama Administration, and has even gotten worse since President Trump has taken over, is that the lawless are praised, while the law abiding are destroyed.  Just to clarify before everyone loses their mind, the Nazi group in Charlottesville is not in the law abiding category, I am talking about simple civilians in life.  People who go to political rallies who are beaten, pepper sprayed, egged, etc.  Business owners who watch their businesses set on fire, windows broken, looted, just because they have a business in a town that this rioters decide to destroy in the name of a cause.

Here is the problem with the Democrats that the Republicans are dangerous. Obama said himself that Republicans are about their God, Guns and Country.  If Republicans were so dangerous, they have trillions of rounds of ammunition and a couple hundred million guns and are all about defending themselves. So if they really wanted to start a war with Democrats and were such bad people it would probably be a quick war.  But Republicans tend to have no interest in that.  They just want to live their lives, try to improve their lives through hard work.

Democrats want to keep people down, keep them on the Government nipple to keep them dependent and keep them in line.  They don’t want anyone to be successful because they think you should be punished for it.  How often do you hear a Democrat call out the 1%.  The Declaration Of Independence stated that we have the right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.  The Democrats have forgotten all about it.  Because in their minds we have the right to Abortion, Government Control/Regulations, and Please Stay Home and live off the Tax Payers.

So as of now we have the sparks of another civil war flickering.  Are we going to allow more fuel be poured on it, or finally grow up and handle this like adults?

Time to end the safe spaces, anarchists and remember that we are ONE Nation under God, but as long as we have ___________-American, we will never be that.

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ANTIFA is America’s JV ISIS

You may think that headline is a bit harsh, but if you take a minute to look at the reality of things, nothing could be closer to the truth.

FACT:  If you do not believe what ISIS believes, they attempt to destroy you.

FACT: If you do not believe what ANTIFA believes, they attempt to destroy you.

The only reason that I call ANTIFA the JV is so far they have not gone for the deaths and killing that ISIS has done, but they have caused hundred of injuries and millions upon millions of property damage, both private and public.

I have lost track of all the pictures I have seen of people bloodied, beaten, egged by these people.  Watching the video of San Jose, Portland, Berkeley, Washington DC, Anaheim, Oakland, and the list goes on, of the riots and pure anarchy of this group.  They have lined up with Black Lives Matter to get involved with them as well.

They have no desire for free speech. They wear all black as well as Communist insignias yet I never hear anyone in “power” to call them out by name.  It is almost like those in the Government are either scared of them, or agree with them, and either option is a scary situation for the American people.  Because like Obama not calling ISIS what they were for 7 years, just made them stronger, I fear that this is only making ANTIFA stronger.

It is almost like ANTIFA is being given a free pass to destroy the country, destroy the history and rewrite it.  Watching them do the damage they do totally boils my blood.  I fought for this country.  Would have died to defend it, and yet those who are in charge are allowing this to happen.  I grew up during the cold war and the Communist and Communist ideology was the enemy, yet now we have that enemy on our soil, and we do nothing.  Mayors are making the police stand down so ANTIFA can cause all the damage they want.  Saying they will review the video after the fact to make arrests, yet most of the ANTIFA members are wearing masks, scarfs, etc, to hide their faces.  And as you have seen in Durham today, the police pressed charges, and now they are marching against that, and I have a feeling those charges will probably go away.

We are being held hostage by ANTIFA, these groups of paid Soros thugs are getting a free run, and even when President Trump tried to call them out, he is totally trashed by both the media and Democrats, but by Republicans as well.  What is going on when only hate on one side can be called out?  What is simply wrong with this picture.

Hate is hate, it doesn’t care your gender, your color, your religious choices, it is just hate. We are ONE country, used to be United, but now seriously divided and I fear it will only get worse before it will ever get better because no one will make a stand.  We are going further and further away from being a civilized society by the day.  What will it take for those in charge to wake up and defend the people they are supposed to represent?

I wish I had the answers, and the options running through my head to cause someone to step up and make a stand are rather scary.  People are going to have to die for someone in charge to wake up, but honestly, I don’t even know if they will stop them.  They are getting stronger each day and our Government, at every level, is just shrinking in the corner.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall …….

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Wasn’t just Neo-Nazis Guilty Saturday

Ok first off, I totally condemn what that idiot did Saturday in Charlottesville.  But let’s take a closer look at what really happened on Saturday.

First off, the White Nationalist and Neo-Nazis got a permit to gather and demonstrate on Saturday.  While I am totally disgusted by what they stand for the First Amendment of the Constitution allows them to speak their mind.  The First Amendment does not stay Freedom of Speech but only if it does not offend anyone.  Honestly I have no doubt if they had been the only ones to show up (based on estimates there were only 100-200 there for an event that had been planned for a month nationwide) this march may have made the local news, but never would have gotten national news attention.

But a group from ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter both showed up (without a permit) and were looking for trouble.  Now before you try to say I am taking sides here, exactly the opposite.  They are ALL hate groups. Which is what President Trump called out on Saturday.  I have never seen a Democrat and hardly any Repulicans for that matter who have had the nerve to call out ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter.  After massive riots during the election and since by both ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, the protests from Black Lives Matter when they are chanting things like “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry Them Like Bacon” and “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want them? Now!” Yet never a word from anyone “in charge” to denounce them.  Why is that?

They are ALL hate groups, so what makes one worse or better than the other?  Absolutely nothing.  The only difference is how they are handled by the press.  Groups like Black Lives Matter are almost treated like royalty.  I am not really sure what they actually stand for, because if it was about black lives mattering, why aren’t they in Chicago where over 400 people have already been murdered this year?  Why aren’t they trying to promote a family environment with both parents together and involved?  Why aren’t they getting involved in the education system to help poor and under-educated youth?  Why aren’t they trying to help keep kids out of gangs?  The only thing you ever hear about them is their latest and greatest riot or march.

Now for ANTIFA, which claims to be Anti-Facists, but tends to have more facists views.  Because their attitude is if you don’t agree with them, you must be destroyed, they are ISIS without the bombs.  Yet I never hear them condemned by the main stream media, or Representatives, Senators and not even Presidents, why is that?  No seriously, I am asking because I have no clue.  Because the odd thing is they fit in right with the “Resist” movement from the Democrats, but not even Republicans are denouncing them.  President Trump grouped them in Saturday because they were causing damage and injuries too.  But if the press is going to condemn President Trump for not calling out the white supremists out by name, then they need to start calling ANTIFA and BLM what they are too.

All THREE groups are hate groups.  No one is better or worse than the other.  They should ALL be denounced.  They are not up to any good.  They are allowed to speak their mind however, and just like they have the freedom to speak, we have the freedom not to listen.  But they have to do it the right way.  We have to end the violence, we can never stop the hate because you simply cannot control everyone’s mind.  But those causing violence, I do not care if you are KKK, ANTIFA or BLM, or any of the other hate groups out there, you need to be found, charged and prosecuted.  No slaps on the wrists, but felonies with mandatory jail time.  Make people think twice about the consequences to their actions and maybe they will change.

But it all goes back to the beginning, Saturday did not have to turn out like it did.  Had ANTIFA and BLM stayed away, or gotten a permit to protest somewhere else in the town, these groups would have never been head to head to cause the conflicts and I am guessing no one would have gotten hurt.  This would have been a quick note on the local news, and that would have been the end of it.  But this was organized chaos, that sadly ended badly for that young woman, and two officers doing their job.  How many more have to die before people wake up?


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How To REALLY Drain the Swamp

OK, so it has been said over and over in both the election, and since, that Trump went to DC to Drain The Swamp.  Fact is, only the American People can do that.  We are the only ones with the real power to make it happen and it can start happening as soon as 2018.

Everyone complains about the establishment in DC, but the problem is we keep re-electing the same people over and over and expecting different results.  Right now in Congress there are 537 Representatives and Senators.  Out of that you have SEVEN who have served for over 40 years, including Rep. John Conyers (D) of MI who has served for 52 years!  What good are you to the people of the country when your first term started before there was ever color television? Sen Cochran (R) of MS and Rep Young (R) of AK have served for 44 years each.  Sen Leahy (D) of VT, and Sen Grassley (R) of IA, have both served 42 years each.  With Sen Markey (D) of MA and Sen Hatch (R) of UT both serving their 40th year this year.  As you can already tell by this list, the problem isn’t D or R it is lifetime politicians who forgot what it was like, and why they were elected to begin with and that is to serve We The People.  If you add those who have served between 30-39 years you can add 19 more names (11 Rs and 8 Ds) and those who have served 20-29 years can add 60 more names.  So right there you are looking at 86 of the 537 who have served more than 20 years so 16% of Congress.

The Congress in 1947 passed the 22nd Amendment to limit the President to two terms, the Congress should be the same way, so out of 537 Members that would term limit out 29 Senators, with 34 more not being eligible for re-election at the end of their term. So 63% of the Senate would be due to change either immediately or within the next six years.  For the House that would limit them to 4 years, which would knock out all but 58 people who could run for re-election in 2018, so 87% of the House of Representatives would not be eligible to run in 2018.

So now that we have seen the numbers, let’s look at the common sense way to Drain The Swamp.  First I do not think that the Congress would ever have the guts to set term limits on themselves.  We see they have no problem giving themselves raises and more time off, so there is only one way to do this.  People who are not in DC now, have to run.  If you are a Republican, and want the Republican to keep their seat in the House or Senate, run as a primary challenger.  If you are a Democrat and want a Democrat to keep their seat, run as a primary challenger.

Both parties must agree that Trump was elected because the people wanted our government back, well we have to take the next step to make that happen.  Until we have enough Governors that would agree to call for a Constitutional Convention, we will never have term limits in the Congress.  I have heard people campaign for the House and Senate both who said they were for term limits, but I have yet to see the first bill brought to the floor and I think it should be done immediately.  Would be a fairly cut and dry bill, you get two terms in the Senate or 3 terms in the House and you are not allowed to serve 20 years or more total in any elected capacity.  So if you do three terms in the House and then two in the Senate you will not be running for President, or even Mayor.  Your time in Government is over, and there is no pension.  Being a politician should not be considered a career, but sadly that is the state of affairs today.  If Congress was limited to spending their own money, and not faceless tax payers, they may actually be more responsible.  Instead they just keep lining their pockets and campaign coffers with lobby money, slush funds and hush money.

It is a very simple solution and the only hope that We the American People have to ever get our government back in the hands of We the People.  So if you can, run, if you really want the government back in the hands of the people, we are the only ones who can do it.


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