ANTIFA is America’s JV ISIS

You may think that headline is a bit harsh, but if you take a minute to look at the reality of things, nothing could be closer to the truth.

FACT:  If you do not believe what ISIS believes, they attempt to destroy you.

FACT: If you do not believe what ANTIFA believes, they attempt to destroy you.

The only reason that I call ANTIFA the JV is so far they have not gone for the deaths and killing that ISIS has done, but they have caused hundred of injuries and millions upon millions of property damage, both private and public.

I have lost track of all the pictures I have seen of people bloodied, beaten, egged by these people.  Watching the video of San Jose, Portland, Berkeley, Washington DC, Anaheim, Oakland, and the list goes on, of the riots and pure anarchy of this group.  They have lined up with Black Lives Matter to get involved with them as well.

They have no desire for free speech. They wear all black as well as Communist insignias yet I never hear anyone in “power” to call them out by name.  It is almost like those in the Government are either scared of them, or agree with them, and either option is a scary situation for the American people.  Because like Obama not calling ISIS what they were for 7 years, just made them stronger, I fear that this is only making ANTIFA stronger.

It is almost like ANTIFA is being given a free pass to destroy the country, destroy the history and rewrite it.  Watching them do the damage they do totally boils my blood.  I fought for this country.  Would have died to defend it, and yet those who are in charge are allowing this to happen.  I grew up during the cold war and the Communist and Communist ideology was the enemy, yet now we have that enemy on our soil, and we do nothing.  Mayors are making the police stand down so ANTIFA can cause all the damage they want.  Saying they will review the video after the fact to make arrests, yet most of the ANTIFA members are wearing masks, scarfs, etc, to hide their faces.  And as you have seen in Durham today, the police pressed charges, and now they are marching against that, and I have a feeling those charges will probably go away.

We are being held hostage by ANTIFA, these groups of paid Soros thugs are getting a free run, and even when President Trump tried to call them out, he is totally trashed by both the media and Democrats, but by Republicans as well.  What is going on when only hate on one side can be called out?  What is simply wrong with this picture.

Hate is hate, it doesn’t care your gender, your color, your religious choices, it is just hate. We are ONE country, used to be United, but now seriously divided and I fear it will only get worse before it will ever get better because no one will make a stand.  We are going further and further away from being a civilized society by the day.  What will it take for those in charge to wake up and defend the people they are supposed to represent?

I wish I had the answers, and the options running through my head to cause someone to step up and make a stand are rather scary.  People are going to have to die for someone in charge to wake up, but honestly, I don’t even know if they will stop them.  They are getting stronger each day and our Government, at every level, is just shrinking in the corner.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall …….

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Wasn’t just Neo-Nazis Guilty Saturday

Ok first off, I totally condemn what that idiot did Saturday in Charlottesville.  But let’s take a closer look at what really happened on Saturday.

First off, the White Nationalist and Neo-Nazis got a permit to gather and demonstrate on Saturday.  While I am totally disgusted by what they stand for the First Amendment of the Constitution allows them to speak their mind.  The First Amendment does not stay Freedom of Speech but only if it does not offend anyone.  Honestly I have no doubt if they had been the only ones to show up (based on estimates there were only 100-200 there for an event that had been planned for a month nationwide) this march may have made the local news, but never would have gotten national news attention.

But a group from ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter both showed up (without a permit) and were looking for trouble.  Now before you try to say I am taking sides here, exactly the opposite.  They are ALL hate groups. Which is what President Trump called out on Saturday.  I have never seen a Democrat and hardly any Repulicans for that matter who have had the nerve to call out ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter.  After massive riots during the election and since by both ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, the protests from Black Lives Matter when they are chanting things like “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry Them Like Bacon” and “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want them? Now!” Yet never a word from anyone “in charge” to denounce them.  Why is that?

They are ALL hate groups, so what makes one worse or better than the other?  Absolutely nothing.  The only difference is how they are handled by the press.  Groups like Black Lives Matter are almost treated like royalty.  I am not really sure what they actually stand for, because if it was about black lives mattering, why aren’t they in Chicago where over 400 people have already been murdered this year?  Why aren’t they trying to promote a family environment with both parents together and involved?  Why aren’t they getting involved in the education system to help poor and under-educated youth?  Why aren’t they trying to help keep kids out of gangs?  The only thing you ever hear about them is their latest and greatest riot or march.

Now for ANTIFA, which claims to be Anti-Facists, but tends to have more facists views.  Because their attitude is if you don’t agree with them, you must be destroyed, they are ISIS without the bombs.  Yet I never hear them condemned by the main stream media, or Representatives, Senators and not even Presidents, why is that?  No seriously, I am asking because I have no clue.  Because the odd thing is they fit in right with the “Resist” movement from the Democrats, but not even Republicans are denouncing them.  President Trump grouped them in Saturday because they were causing damage and injuries too.  But if the press is going to condemn President Trump for not calling out the white supremists out by name, then they need to start calling ANTIFA and BLM what they are too.

All THREE groups are hate groups.  No one is better or worse than the other.  They should ALL be denounced.  They are not up to any good.  They are allowed to speak their mind however, and just like they have the freedom to speak, we have the freedom not to listen.  But they have to do it the right way.  We have to end the violence, we can never stop the hate because you simply cannot control everyone’s mind.  But those causing violence, I do not care if you are KKK, ANTIFA or BLM, or any of the other hate groups out there, you need to be found, charged and prosecuted.  No slaps on the wrists, but felonies with mandatory jail time.  Make people think twice about the consequences to their actions and maybe they will change.

But it all goes back to the beginning, Saturday did not have to turn out like it did.  Had ANTIFA and BLM stayed away, or gotten a permit to protest somewhere else in the town, these groups would have never been head to head to cause the conflicts and I am guessing no one would have gotten hurt.  This would have been a quick note on the local news, and that would have been the end of it.  But this was organized chaos, that sadly ended badly for that young woman, and two officers doing their job.  How many more have to die before people wake up?


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How To REALLY Drain the Swamp

OK, so it has been said over and over in both the election, and since, that Trump went to DC to Drain The Swamp.  Fact is, only the American People can do that.  We are the only ones with the real power to make it happen and it can start happening as soon as 2018.

Everyone complains about the establishment in DC, but the problem is we keep re-electing the same people over and over and expecting different results.  Right now in Congress there are 537 Representatives and Senators.  Out of that you have SEVEN who have served for over 40 years, including Rep. John Conyers (D) of MI who has served for 52 years!  What good are you to the people of the country when your first term started before there was ever color television? Sen Cochran (R) of MS and Rep Young (R) of AK have served for 44 years each.  Sen Leahy (D) of VT, and Sen Grassley (R) of IA, have both served 42 years each.  With Sen Markey (D) of MA and Sen Hatch (R) of UT both serving their 40th year this year.  As you can already tell by this list, the problem isn’t D or R it is lifetime politicians who forgot what it was like, and why they were elected to begin with and that is to serve We The People.  If you add those who have served between 30-39 years you can add 19 more names (11 Rs and 8 Ds) and those who have served 20-29 years can add 60 more names.  So right there you are looking at 86 of the 537 who have served more than 20 years so 16% of Congress.

The Congress in 1947 passed the 22nd Amendment to limit the President to two terms, the Congress should be the same way, so out of 537 Members that would term limit out 29 Senators, with 34 more not being eligible for re-election at the end of their term. So 63% of the Senate would be due to change either immediately or within the next six years.  For the House that would limit them to 4 years, which would knock out all but 58 people who could run for re-election in 2018, so 87% of the House of Representatives would not be eligible to run in 2018.

So now that we have seen the numbers, let’s look at the common sense way to Drain The Swamp.  First I do not think that the Congress would ever have the guts to set term limits on themselves.  We see they have no problem giving themselves raises and more time off, so there is only one way to do this.  People who are not in DC now, have to run.  If you are a Republican, and want the Republican to keep their seat in the House or Senate, run as a primary challenger.  If you are a Democrat and want a Democrat to keep their seat, run as a primary challenger.

Both parties must agree that Trump was elected because the people wanted our government back, well we have to take the next step to make that happen.  Until we have enough Governors that would agree to call for a Constitutional Convention, we will never have term limits in the Congress.  I have heard people campaign for the House and Senate both who said they were for term limits, but I have yet to see the first bill brought to the floor and I think it should be done immediately.  Would be a fairly cut and dry bill, you get two terms in the Senate or 3 terms in the House and you are not allowed to serve 20 years or more total in any elected capacity.  So if you do three terms in the House and then two in the Senate you will not be running for President, or even Mayor.  Your time in Government is over, and there is no pension.  Being a politician should not be considered a career, but sadly that is the state of affairs today.  If Congress was limited to spending their own money, and not faceless tax payers, they may actually be more responsible.  Instead they just keep lining their pockets and campaign coffers with lobby money, slush funds and hush money.

It is a very simple solution and the only hope that We the American People have to ever get our government back in the hands of We the People.  So if you can, run, if you really want the government back in the hands of the people, we are the only ones who can do it.


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A Common Sense HealthCare Plan

We know that Obamacare has been a total disaster over the last seven years.  That is beyond debate or question.  If one thing our Government has proven is that it does not know how to handle money or run a business.  I have a simple solution to the upcoming health care deal.  Government, get out of the Healthcare business!

Here is what the perfect plan should be.

First off, you have to end the mandate.  You cannot force a free society to have to buy something just because they are breathing.  You can force them to get auto insurance to drive, because there is nothing saying you have to drive and driving is not a right.  You can force them to get home owners insurance because they do not have to own a house and owning a home is not a right.  The Bill of Rights say you have the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  It says nothing about health care and this is the government again over stepping it’s rights to lead.

Secondly, you have to end the subsidies, or as they are going to call them now, tax credits, because they are one in the same.  It is still government money going into the insurance industry.  As the government has proven, especially with colleges.  The more money they talk about offering to an industry, the more those prices tend to increase.

You should block grant medicare and medicaid money to the states, but under two conditions.  First, they do not get any grants if they are a sanctuary cities within their state, or want to be a sanctuary state.  Secondly, no grant money or benefits are allowed to go to illegal aliens.  Doing this kills two birds in one stone, because not only will it make coming to this country illegally less beneficial to people, it will severly cut the amount of benefits we are paying out.

You should also drop stateline restrictions.  Let’s look at what competition can do in a simple way.  If you live in a small town with just one gas station you are going to pay a lot more to fill up your car, because there simply is no competition.  If you add a second gas station across the street then the gas prices will naturally start to fall.  Put a third gas station on the next corner and prices continue to go down, add a fourth and it goes down even more.  This is a major problem with the healthcare system today is that the government is restricting the number of “gas stations” they allow a state.

One regulation that the government should apply for the healthcare industry is that all hospitals have to release full pricing for all of their services.  First off it provides full disclosure, right now you have hospitals charging what they know the insurance companies will pay out.  This will allow them to charge say $10,000 for a surgery for someone with Blue Cross, yet $15,000 for that exact same surgery to someone with Medicaid because they know what they can get.  If hospitals have to release all their prices in advance, that too generates competition amongst hospitals, because even non-profit hospitals have to break even.

Next question people may ask is about how do you deal with those who don’t make a lot of money and that too is pretty simple.  If they are able to work, and do not currently have a job, they can do community service, either at the hospital or something to pay off some of the debt.  I also think doing everything above will drive more growth and jobs for people.  I think if you are able to work, and work can be found, you should not be allowed to stay on government assistance.  It may not be their dream job, but this country has gone too far to the left to reward lazy and punish success, that needs to change.

If you do all that I have listed in this story the country will save Trillions of dollars.  Healthcare costs will go way down, as will insurance costs.  It will drive innovation because you will have hopitals competing to say “we did _______ first” or “we have the best record dealing with ______”.  You will have insurance companies competing for healthcare similar to how they compete with auto insurance now, and it just becomes a win, win for the country.


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Trump’s Ban, The Reality

Ok I know that a third or more of the country, including some Republicans are freaking out right now over President Trump’s Executive Order banning people coming from 7 countries in the middle east.  They are calling it a Muslim Ban.  Now for the reality.

It is not a Muslim ban or there would be 40 other countries on the list.

Next they say that what he is doing is both unconstitutional as well as unprecedented, but again that is false.  Just in the last 40 years Jimmy Carter banned anyone coming from Iran during the Iran Hostage Crisis, and Barack Obama even stopped all visas from Iraq in 2011 for 6 months.  There was no outrage during both of these times.  No “protests” at the airports, or lawyers chomping at the bit to hopefully get some more attention.

It has also been said that what we are doing is inhumane to the refugees and as Americans we should have to take them in, and give them what they need.  Last I checked there are numerous countries around Syria that could easily take these people in, and keep them in the lifestyle they are used to.  Where they can continue to live under Sharia Law and not try to impose it on us.  Personally I would rather not see what is happening in Europe happening here in the United States.  Last I also checked the Constitution did not give citizens from other countries the same rights as American Citizens because it did not apply to them.  It is the Constitution of the United States, not of the world.

Here is an idea I have for anyone protesting, who thinks we should let anyone in, doesn’t matter if we can check who they are or not.  For the next 90 days, you are not allowed to lock the doors of your home, car, etc.  Actually you need to leave all the doors open and your valuables in full sight.  Leave your keys in your car too.  Anyone who wants to come into your house can do that.  You can’t even ask who they are.  If they want to take something you have to let them, because hey, they are in worse shape than you so they deserve it, because that is the “right thing to do”.  If they come in your house and decide to stay you have to live by their rules. (As you may not have noticed Sharia Law is slowly but surely expanding into Europe with no real push back because that wouldn’t be politically correct).  If they want to have sex with your wife, or your children you are not allowed to stop them, as by their custom it is allowed.  If they want to mutilate them, they can, and you can’t stop them.  If you, or your children or any of your friends are gay, you are not allowed to protect them because they will be killed or jailed based on their sexual preference.  Females are no longer allowed to drive or go to school and have to do whatever any man tells them.

Are there good Muslims out there? Of course there are.  You can’t persecute anyone based on religion or faith, but to be in America you have to follow the same laws as American’s do.  The protection of our country and lifestyle comes first.  We have fought to defend it since the late 1700’s and by no means should we stop now just because it is politically correct.

Maybe if you stop enough countries from being allowed in the US because they harbor terrorists, they will actually do something to stop the terrorist themselves.  If they continue to harbor them, you tighten the screws even more.  If they ask for help, then by all means help, if they don’t ask for help you make life even harder on them.  It is not our job to support the world.  We have enough problems of our own.  They need to do stuff on their own as well.  Pull their weight, and if countries continue to break the rules and agreements, clamp things down even tighter.  This ban should just be the start.  You should add Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkey and quite a few more countries to that list to put in a stranglehold on ISIS and all those Radical Islamist of other groups as well.  The days of calling them or treating them as the JV team are over.

ISIS is the closest thing to Hitler we have seen since Hitler.  If you do not agree with them, they kill you.  If you will not follow them, they will kill you. They have taken the gas chamber to the next level with the different ways they kill people, from beheading to drowing in cages to lowering down in acid and allowing the acid to turn them into nothing, all while still alive.

So reality check folks, what Trump did was completely legal, and honestly in my opinion should just be the start of things.  If we don’t take ISIS seriously, the red, white and blue that flies from our homes now, will turn into black arabic writing of ISIS.  Feel free to call this just a bit extreme, but this is reality folks.

An Open Letter to Donald Trump


Mr Trump,

I have been a supporter of yours since the Paris attacks last year.  I have gladly been on the Trump Train ever since.  This is the first election in my lifetime, and I have been voting since 1988, that I have not only bought merchandise to a campaign, but also donated and even went to political rallies and have door knocked, talked a lot about you to family, friends and strangers, and just recently was blocked by the Hillary Clinton Twitter account. No I did not do it through using profanity, threats of violence or hate.  I simply stated the truth.

People ask me why I support you and do all the things I have done so far in this campaign season. The reason is simple.  That two year old sitting in my lap in that picture above, that is my son.  He is the reason I have put so much time, energy and money into your campaign because my son needs a chance at a future.  I do not want my son to have to grow up in a country that is PC.  Where hard work gets you ridicule and shame, and laziness is rewarded.  Where you get a trophy for participating and winning means nothing.  I do not want the government to pay my son’s way through college, and as bad as colleges are these days with their safe zones I really do not think college is even worth the money anymore.  Common core is a disaster and if you lose this election my son will be home schooled because I do not need to learn how to do math the “new way” when the old way wasn’t broke, just to help him with his homework.  I want school choice and love when you talk about it.

Next thing that has to go is Obamacare and I know you have said over and over that you are going to repeal and replace it.  I have been on your site and one thing I wish you would say on the trail that I am sure would get a lot of attention is the fact you are dropping the mandate.  I am not sure everyone has been to your site, I am pretty sure they haven’t, and I think that would make a big difference on the trail.

As a small business owner your tax plan is a beautiful thing, and getting rid of a lot of regulations combined will give me a better chance to expand my business and hire more people.

I am also a big fan of getting our immigration system under control, both dealing with illegals, visa overstays and keeping out refugees until they can be safely vetted.  I am glad to see that the safety of the country is important to you.  I am also a fan of building the wall to not only keep out illegals, but to keep out drugs.  So they hopefully never get in the hands of my son.

As a vet myself, ten years in the US Navy, I am glad that you are going to take care of the vets and rebuild our military as I have friends who still serve to this day and just as I served after the Reagan buildup, they should have the very best equipment possible.

Thank you so very much for your patriotism, and making being American cool again. For the last eight years the pride in our country has almost vanished.

Now to accomplish all of this you have to win.  I know the talk is about your temperament and can you keep your cool.  I have watched about 100 of your rallies, I have seen you speak to churches and I have watched you in small settings and I know you have the temperament to deal people.  I have seen you at every GOP debate you did and now recently at the debate with Hillary Clinton this week.  Here is just this American’s viewpoint.

At the debate against Hillary I noticed one thing I have only seen you do once this entire election and that was go for the water.  I have seen you do 60 minutes full voiced speeches without it, but at this debate I saw you go to the water three different times.  I also noticed that you actually let Lester Holt run the debate and didn’t take full command as I know you can do.  One thing I have heard by people and I do agree is that you should step up and take over.  I do not care what they ask you.  Give them a sentence or two and then pivot to what you want to talk about.  They do not say you have to talk about the answer to their question for the two minutes, they just say you have two minutes.  We know that the moderators in the next two debates are going to be in Hillary’s pocket so you need to show them who is in charge.  Not by yelling at them, or constantly interrupting, but by driving the conversation where you want it to go.  If they hit you with 20-30 year old stories, simply say you have answered it 100 times and that Hillary also did…. and fill in the blank with what you want to talk about, but not only hit her on something but follow up with how you can fix it.  I know you are an avid reader and you love watching the news channels, but may I recommend you go and watch the Reagan/Carter and Reagan/Mondale debates.  You are a very smart man, there is no question about that and I know you like to dumb some things down so you aren’t talking over people’s heads.  But mix in your humor with it.  Think about it, over the last 60 years, the most memorable debate moments had absolutely nothing to do with policy, but a moment of humor.  Use that to your advantage.  One debate is not the end of the world, and while I think you certainly won the first 30 minutes of the first debate, I feel that the last 60 you fell into the trap trying to defend yourself. Sadly it is the talk of the Miss Universe that is the talking point of that debate 5 days later.  Let it go, we know the media is totally against you and making stuff up as they go along, but let the surrogates do the dirty work and take the jabs.  If you think about it, a little over a month ago you were trailing in a lot of polls and people were panicking because you kept fighting every personal attack coming your way.  I know that is the New Yorker in you, but the thing that got you back in the lead was taking the lead, not taking the bait and focusing on what you and we can do to make the country better.  There are only three people you should talk about, they are the only ones that matter.  Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and feel free to take shots at the media from time to time to show their bias and dishonesty.  Other than that, none of these other attacks matter.  Leave it up to the surrogates and your Trump Train.  We have your back and will make sure we get the truth out.  You are running for President of the United States of America, so if someone isn’t the incumbent or your competition, they are not worthy to be talked about because all that does is lift them to your level, or work lower you to theirs.

This movement needs all of us to stay focused, our country is at stake, my son’s future is at stake.  We just need to stay focused for the next 39 days. You need to go into these next two debates and own them.  Stick to the message, get what you want to get across and at the end of the day we can Make America Great Again. Your two targets are Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, we have you covered on the rest.  Trust in us as we have trusted in you.

Thank you!!



Trump and Reagan, The Reality

OK, so I know there are going to be a lot of people mad about this article and that is perfectly fine by me as long as you read it with an open mind and think about things for a moment.  One thing to remember is I am not saying Donald Trump is the next Ronald Reagan, because there is, and will only be one Ronald Reagan in our lifetime.

The fact is though there are a ton of similarities between Ronald Reagan in 1980 and Donald Trump 2016. In this article I am going to go through a few of them. Both how the press covered both candidates as well as policy similarities between the two.

Let’s start out with the tax plan.  For personal taxes the Reagan tax plan started at 11% for the lowest earners to 38.5% for the highest earners. While he kept the Corporate tax rate in the mid 40s.  It was a huge tax cut across the board and the biggest since JFK during his time in office.  Trump has a plan starting at 12%-33% for individuals and 15% Corporate tax rate.  All three were actually told they would destroy the economy with the tax cuts and the first two proved the “experts” wrong. In Kennedy’s case, considering that Johnson did not automatically kill the tax cuts had 5 consecutive years of 4.4% or higher GDP growth with an average of 5.88% over that 5 years and a high of 6.6% in 1966 before Johnson raised taxes.  In Reagan’s case his tax cuts applied starting in 1983 and ended in 1989 when George HW Bush raised taxes. In that 7 year span the GDP growth was 3.5% or higher with an average of 4.43% with a high of 7.3% in 1984.  Since 1990 the average GDP growth is 2.44% per year on average. with the high being 4.7% in 1999 during the height of the internet boom.  We have not had a year above 3% GDP growth since 2005. To show how GDP affects the debt, from 1981-1989 the debt did increase by $1.694T during those 8 years, an average of $211.829B a year. From 1990-2016 the debt has climbed $16.675T or $641.348B per year average. So the tax cuts work, and create jobs and wealth and if you combine them with spending cuts by the Congress it can both get, but keep, the debt in check and start paying it down.

Now when Reagan was running in 1980 he was lambasted as just an actor.  Made fun of him costarring with a monkey, said he lacked both the knowledge and temper to be President based on his actions with protesters at Berkeley in the 60’s.  The press hounded him so much about it the Carter Administration, in negotiating with the Iranian Government for the return of the hostages, told them they should make the deal with them to give the hostages back because Reagan was capable of just about anything once he was elected.  The Iranians took that word of caution and you know the story of the hostages flying home on the day of the inauguration.  Libya even tried to push Reagan once by blowing up the Marine barracks, and Reagan sent a missile into both an intelligence building, but also a missile right into Gaddafi’s front door.  We never heard from Gaddafi again until Obama did his apology tour.  The big talking point about the Trump campaign right now is that he does not have the temperament to be President and I have no doubts he will use that to his advantage.  He has the respect of Putin already, just as Reagan got the respect of Gorbachev during the Cold War. The Russians, Chinese, N Korea, Iran, and most foreign leaders respect strength.  I think Trump, just like Reagan, will use that to the advantage of the US.  The press said Reagan was dangerous, they say the same thing about Trump. They said Reagan would be nuke happy, they say the same about Trump, why not use that to our advantage again and actually improve our standing in the world.

Trump and Reagan are both huge Patriots and supporters of our military.  They both either did in Reagan’s case, or will in Trump’s case, build up the military to make countries think twice about messing with us.  The great thing about it was with Reagan he won the Cold War without a shot being fired.  In Trump’s case we may have to fire shots, because ISIS will not go away as easy but it will take brute force to destroy them and that brute force will make their remaining soldiers think twice before doing anything to us.  I believe Trump in office will also get North Korea and Iran to both back off on what they are doing, because they will believe the press that he is crazy enough to turn them both into parking lots.

Trump and Reagan both know that the only way America is truly the Super Power of the planet is that we are strong, both the military and with our economy.  Right now we are weak in both, and that is not a slam on the men and women that serve, but it is how they are equipped, staffed and currently led.  I served during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and we fought with a lot of pride because when that strike started there was a goal, and the military was let loose to win and 42 days later it was over.  The way George W Bush and Obama have fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, ISIS and Al Qaeda we basically made our troops fight with a hand tied behind their back and be totally PC, which is no way to win a war, and why it has lasted 14 years with no end in sight.  They no longer have a specific goal to actually win this war, and are so tied down in how they fight it there is no way to actually win.  This is the 21st Century Vietnam.

Of course you have the similarities that both started as Democrats and turned Republican, though a lot of their ideas were conservative many years before they switched parties. They both were on TV making a name in entertainment before they even considered politics and they both go totally against the grain of what DC stands for, which is a great thing for both of them.  They were also both pro-choice at one point in their lives before becoming pro-life, and they have even both been divorced.  Neither of them would be called PC, even Reagan by today’s standards was far from PC and called things how he saw them.  They both put America First, and both want to make America great again.  Even Reagan after getting shot continued to fight and defend the 2nd Amendment which Trump is also a big advocate for.  They also both were for protecting our borders and ending illegal immigration.

So while Trump may not be the soft spoken person Reagan could be, there are more similarities than differences between the two.  Reagan was my motivation for serving in the military and brought such patriotic pride to the country.  I think if you get out of the press clippings and watch Trump speak at rallies, conventions and churches you can see without a doubt how much he loves this country.  Under a President Trump we would not be under the control of the UN as it seems we are on the current path to be.  I truly feel that this country will have a revival under a President Trump and hopefully on November 8th that happens.


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